Our Services


Our Aviation Law Department is headed by Jaco Strauss, who has a keen interest and experience in aviation and aviation law.

We can assist you with:

  • Aircraft purchasing and leasing
  • Industry specific contracts
  • License applications
  • Aviation related litigation


We are proud to be on the panel of attorneys for Firstrand Bank Homeloans, FNB Homeloan Collections and FNB Commercial. The staff in our Foreclosures Department is experienced and highly motivated with expert knowledge of the National Credit Act, including the application of the Act, classification of credit agreements, consumer rights, over-indebtedness and reckless credit. We regularly attend workshops and seminars in order to keep abreast of all the latest developments in this ever changing legal environment.We can assist you with:

  • High Court & Magistrates Court Litigation


We are equipped to draft contracts that are in line with your individual needs. We have a sound knowledge of the legislation that plays a role in the drafting of contracts such as the National Credit Act and the Consumer Protection Act and its impact on credit providers and consumers, and will therefore be able to draft contracts complying with the relevant legislation.

We can assist you with the drafting of agreements, such as:

  • Property sale and acquisition agreements
  • Commercial and residential leases
  • Procurement agreements
  • Nomination agreements
  • Supply and distribution agreements


We are equipped to advise you on Corporate Law matters, including shareholders’, association and partnership agreements, sale of shares, members’ interests and businesses and commercial litigation.We can assist you with:

  • Shareholders agreements
  • Association agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Sale of share agreements
  • Sale of members’ interest
  • Sale of businesses
  • Commercial litigation
  • Registration of trusts
  • Financial collections


Insolvency means literally an inability to pay debts, but often implies that the person’s liabilities exceed his/her assets.

We aim to be there at your side not only when the problem appears, but well beforehand. Counseling, guidance and suggesting strategies that puts you first are all part of our service.

We can assist you with:

  • Handle applications for sequestrations and liquidations
  • Handle applications for rehabilitation
  • Advise on relevant provisions of the Insolvency Act and the Companies Act
  • Offers of compromise and schemes of arrangement
  • Advise on and represent parties in regard to inquiries under the Insolvency Act and Companies Act
  • Advise on and devise appropriate strategies in regard to all aspects of insolvency law.


We deal with all aspects of matrimonial law, from before your wedding day through to your happy ending.

We have two Notaries, Lorette Janse van Rensburg and Helené-Mari Smith who will advise you on all the different marriage regimes available in South Africa and advise you on the most suitable marriage regime to suit your individual needs. Lorette and Helené-Mari are both equipped to draft your antenuptial agreement for you, and ensure that all formalities have been met before your big day.

We understand the importance of the wellbeing of your loved ones to you and even more so when you are no longer there to support them. We are equipped to advise on and draft your will for you, which will insure that your estate dissolves in a manner which you prescribed.

We emphasize the importance of maintaining dignity between the parties and resolving legal dispute on a fair and equitable basis. Our dealings with clients are focused on attempting to avoid a settlement that will lead to resentment and subsequent litigation. As a result, this department views high court litigation as a last resort to finalize the terms of a divorce.

It is therefore paramount that both parties feel a fair settlement has been achieved and that the relationship between the parties, especially if there are children involved, will continue on a civil basis long after the divorce is finalized.

We can assist you with:

  • Antenuptial agreements
  • Wills & Testaments
  • Advice on the different marriage regimes in South Africa
  • Divorce
  • Divorce mediation
  • Divorce settlements
  • Mediation on behalf of both parties
  • High Court Litigation
  • Child Custody
  • Access to children
  • Maintenance
  • Division of assets in terms of divorce actions
  • Application to change existing matrimonial regimes between parties
  • Application to place a person under curatorship


We advise our clients on a wide range of property ventures. We have two conveyancers, Lorette Janse van Rensburg and Helené-Mari Smith, who are equipped to deal with all aspects of property law and conveyancing.

Lorette is our senior conveyancer and partner in the firm. She has always had a passion for property law and property related matters in which she has a great deal of experience.

We enjoy support from a large number of private clients, large commercial banks to large estate agencies who have entrusted us with inter alia the transfer of their and their client’s properties and registration of mortgage bonds. At the core of this relationship is our conveyancing department’s focus on the absolute need for transactions to be registered in the shortest time possible.

Our open door policy has always been part of the recipe of success and continues to be so. Personal interaction with clients, where possible, facilitates a proper understanding of the conveyancing process and results in less dissatisfaction as an informed client is generally a happy client. Our conveyancing team totals 5 staff members giving us the capacity to deliver excellent service towards both our clients and our correspondent attorneys. We also have an extensive correspondent network throughout South Africa, enabling us to attend to a property related matter anywhere in the Country.

We understand and appreciate the value of immovable property as an integral part of an organization’s commercial interests or as an individual’s most prized possession – their home.

We can assist you with:

  • Acquisition and development of residential and commercial property
  • Property sale and acquisition agreements
  • Advice on and drafting of commercial and residential Leases
  • Registration of transfer of residential, sectional title and commercial properties
  • Registration of transfers from especially insolvent and liquidated estates
  • Registration of transfers from sales in executions
  • Registration of transfer from deceased estates
  • Registration of transfer of bank owned properties
  • Registration of transfer of private sale transactions
  • Registration of Bonds
  • Cancellation of Bonds
  • Preparation and Registration of notarial deeds