Matrimonial and Family Law

We deal with all aspects of matrimonial law, from before your wedding day through to your happy ending. Our Notary, Lorette Janse van Rensburg will advise you on all the different marriage regimes available in South Africa and advise you on the most suitable marriage regime to suit your individual needs. Lorette is both equipped to draft your antenuptial agreement for you, and ensure that all formalities have been met before your big day.

We understand the importance of the well being of your loved ones to you and even more so when you are no longer there to support them. We are equipped to advise on and draft your will for you, which will insure that your estate dissolves in a manner which you prescribed.

We emphasize the importance of maintaining dignity between the parties and resolving legal dispute on a fair and equitable basis.  Our dealings with clients are focused on attempting to avoid a settlement that will lead to resentment and subsequent litigation. As a result, this department views high court litigation as a last resort to finalize the terms of a divorce.

It is therefore paramount that both parties feel a fair settlement has been achieved and that the relationship between the parties, especially if there are children involved, will continue on a civil basis long after the divorce is finalized.

What do we do?

  • Divorce settlements
  • Mediation on behalf of both parties
  • High Court Litigation
  • Child Custody
  • Access to children
  • Maintenance
  • Division of assets in terms of divorce actions
  • Application to change existing matrimonial regimes between parties
  • Application to place a person under curatorship